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Journey from a woman to a mom is super thrilling and full of moments. Your life turns into 360 degree but you still love the change which you have in life.  You can’t imagine what kind of life will be after you are blessed with your first baby. Moments, bonding, love, emotions and learnings of being a parent is super awesome and full of surprises.

Motherhood changes the emotional and mental thought process of your’s and your world moves around your baby. You just want everything perfect for your baby and don’t want to compromise on the sake of your baby’s comfort and happiness.

Before baby, you are in dilemma what you really need but after baby you think every time what your baby needs. Before your baby, you want everything according to you and after your baby, you want everything according to your baby. Your life no longer revolves around you, it only revolves around your baby and baby’s comfort.

Selfishness turns into selflessness

This is the journey of a woman being a mom. “During labor you will be in pain, you will be messed up with contractions but think about Gift which you are going to receive in return of this pain. Then you will be ready to bear that pain again n again in life because your return gift is so beautiful and precious.

First touch, first hold of your baby is priceless, you are on cloud nine to hold your baby first time in your arms.  You start falling in love with your baby in womb without seeing her.  You just talk to her through baby-bump, baby in womb is able to feel the emotions of mother and identify the voices of mom & dad.

After giving birth to your baby, your body will no longer the same like before. You have stretch marks, belly fat. But you still love yourself as mother. You are too busy with your bundle of joy that you don’t have time to think about yourself anymore.

You love to read articles or posts on motherhood and baby care than Bollywood or Fashion news. Fashion turns into baby clothing and varieties. Now shopping mean to go out to shop for baby stuff only. You want to make new friends who are new or experienced moms with whom you can share your troubles and issues.

Expressions of a Mother: My life is filled with happiness, love, emotions and affection after birth of my son. After his birth, I am feeling contempt and more responsible. Now me and my husband always talk, how dull and incomplete our life was without him. He come into our life like a blessing thats why we gave you name Ayaan, Gift of God”. After his birth, we became more sensible parents.